Support. Compassion. Insight. This is the helpful combination I have sought to provide my clients since I began this journey.

For over forty years, I’ve traveled the world and helped thousands of people from a variety of backgrounds who needed support to get through life’s challenges; compassion to assure them they were not alone; and insight to know and understand their lives more deeply.
I have dedicated my intuitive counseling practice to helping my clients navigate transitions, ponder difficult questions, and overcome struggles. Though the word ‘psychic’ is a loaded one in the Western world, in various cultures and throughout time the intuitive person was, and still is, the one to seek for everything from addressing physical complaints to guidance on one’s spiritual path. People with intuitive gifts offer valuable information that allows others a way to deepen their understanding and make positive life changes.
As a lifelong natural intuitive, I have experienced many forms of psychic phenomenon over the years, but have also honed my skills and enhanced my experience with spiritual practice and formal study. I have an M.Ed. in counseling and human relations and have studied with leading spiritual and intuitive practitioners. And the past four decades have provided me the unique opportunity to open people up to the immense possibilities of their lives. I thank you for stopping by, and invite you to read through all that my practice offers.
I am here to help.
Cynthia Lester, M.Ed.

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Meditation is a powerful tool to help you to explore, discover, integrate and transform, leading you to develop greater wholeness in all aspects of your life. Visit this page and receive two free guided meditations as my gift to you.

COVID-19 Response

I have been reflecting the last few weeks about how I can share with you my thoughts about the impact of the pandemic on our lives. This is the retreat no one wanted to attend.