About Cynthia

One of my very first memories, from when I was just two years old, invokes a life-defining experience. This was my first sensory immersion—a true awakening. Ancient mystical writings describe what I experienced as “being in oneness; loving the Divine.” The closest I can come to illustrating that moment is that I would feel something similar, later, when I first held my child after he emerged from my womb.

 That two-year-old me was absorbed in a light of pure peace and love. At times, I still envision my toddler self standing there having the experience that would turn out to be the foundation of my life’s work …
Throughout my young adult years, dreams and confusing experiences continued. From out of body events, to visitations from beyond the grave, to visions and dreams of past lives—over time my gifts grew more abundant. My goal became finding a way to share that light and feeling of oneness, and I began intensive studies to do just that. Traditional education brought with it the exploration of Eastern and Western philosophies, religions and mysticism. I earned my Bachelors degree in English and art from the University of California at Irvine and a secondary teaching credential from San Jose State. Over the years, my interest and studies led me to teachers in Nepal and the U.S., and later I earned a Masters of Education in counseling and human relations from Northern Arizona University.
My experience working with health professionals, educators, families and police organizations has also provided me with a sense of great accomplishment. I am particularly grateful that the gifts and skills I was granted have been able to help grieving families to confront their sadness, pain and loss, giving them a way to close a tragic chapter in their lives and connect with their inner strength to begin again.
With my own clients, I’m interested in helping them access and utilize useful information they were unable to validate or connect with on their own. I help them access what they need for healing, as well as with their relationships, spiritual paths, career changes—all of the sometimes murky areas that a friend with vision can help navigate.
Over the past four decades, I’ve been able to provide thousands of people the support, compassion and insight they need to move forward in their lives—and to find and claim their own intuitive gifts along the way..
I look forward to helping you find your awakening.

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Meditation is a powerful tool to help you to explore, discover, integrate and transform, leading you to develop greater wholeness in all aspects of your life. Visit this page and receive two free guided meditations as my gift to you.

COVID-19 Response

I have been reflecting the last few weeks about how I can share with you my thoughts about the impact of the pandemic on our lives. This is the retreat no one wanted to attend.