Intuitive Counseling

Peace. Love. Wholeness. My life has been defined by these words, and they’ve brought about clarity – defining the trajectory and sense of purpose for me in this world. So my goal becomes: How do I provide you with the clarity you need?

Below are delicate processes; they are used to read the subtle and elusive workings of the mind and the greater consciousness we are all connected to. These descriptions will offer you a better sense of the readings available, and information on the course of each road taken:

Types of Counseling

  • Insight Reading: Beginning from a clean slate and a meditative place, the session commences. By offering me only your full name and birth date, the reading transpires using the framework of your body’s subtle energies (i.e., auras and chakras). By identifying images, themes, or perspectives you may not have noticed before, I’m able to read and offer insight on the patterns that lay beneath the most challenging situations, providing you with data on what’s currently happening in your life. The Insight Reading gives you a fresh perspective and guides you forward, aiding you in taking the necessary steps toward happiness and success.
  • The 5 W’s (Topic Specific Reading): This reading is chosen when there is a particular situation you require more clarity about. We explore the 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where & Why) regarding the situation, and the reading provides awareness into how you can best navigate the issue based on all factors at play. The human mind is never fully aware of what emotions or circumstances lie beneath the problem, and this type of reading can literally offer a sense of freedom from the issue that has been a barrier to your personal healing. With the 5 W’s you can gain the support and answers that will inspire you to move forward. The range of topics I’ve explored with clients is extensive. Some examples include: health issues, divorce, addiction and/or recovery, checking on loved ones who have passed, relationships, career paths, spiritual practices, history of your soul, birthday readings (new cycles), education goals and more.
  • Family Pattern Readings: This process is used to identify and express templates of family patterns carried by family members through generations. These configurations may impact all areas of your life. Through a holistic dialog with you, I can help you shift, reorder and reform the template so that growth and change can occur.

Downloads & Podcasts

Meditation is a powerful tool to help you to explore, discover, integrate and transform, leading you to develop greater wholeness in all aspects of your life. Visit this page and receive two free guided meditations as my gift to you.

COVID-19 Response

I have been reflecting the last few weeks about how I can share with you my thoughts about the impact of the pandemic on our lives. This is the retreat no one wanted to attend.