• I thanked you once but I wanted to again. The reading was so priceless and unlike anything I have had before. It got me thinking in new directions and I needed that. Thanks for the special gift.

    Jean Wasp, Writer

  • I can breathe easier knowing that whatever comes up, I have a great resource in Cynthia. Her ability to "see" what is going on from a plethora of perspectives helps me make better decisions and take wiser action.

    Linda Bark Phd., RN, MCC, NC-BC. Bark Coaching Institute and author Wisdom of the Whole*

  • “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I’m humbly grateful …The reading generated resolve and peace within me. I also found it interestingly comforting to be seen so completely, with nothing to hide.”

    Sherae Kim, Reflexology Therapist

  • Cynthia Lester is a gifted professional intuitive, whose clear seership, deep compassion, wisdom and integrity have helped me to heal and understand the nature of intuition. Cynthia has given me many intuitive "readings"., where she saw clairvoyantly, key patterns in my life and underlying reasons for these. As she would describe to me the inner images she was seeing, I would instantly gain a much clearer perspective on my life, and this allowed me to immediately move forward during specific times when I felt "stuck." My relationship with Cynthia is one of the most profound ones I have ever had.

    David F. Sowerby Phd, Consultant, Psychology Faculty at Sonoma State University and Dominican University of CA, and author of Intuition and Dreams: How to Realize Your Healing Potential in all Areas of Life*

  • “Cynthia, you astound me with your astute intuition and knowing. …You see so deeply with such a layering of understanding.”

    Linda Pearson., Nutritionist & Hypnotherapist

  • “Cynthia provided exact physical and personality descriptions (during the reading). Cynthia has the ability to explain, at times, overwhelming circumstances–the true size and might of these problems.

    Christine.Benge CFO, CD Benge Construction

  • “Cynthia’s readings have helped me put my spiritual life in perspective and my practical affairs in order. Anyone who’s working on seeing the wholeness of their life, and is trying to gain clarity and insight into the important issues of their life, would be helped tremendously by working with Cynthia.”

    R.D Bendall, Ph.D., The Newark School of Theology

  • “Cynthia Lester's intuitive work sets the standard for the whole field of psychically derived information. She offers her information quickly, with extraordinary detail, and with appropriate interpretation that is both ethically and therapeutically sensitive. In working with me, she has routinely been able to describe the subtle processes in play amidst the innermost dimensions of my life."

    Dale Stover, Ph.D., Professor of Religion and Native Studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha

  • *Cynthia is featured in these books

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